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Have you been let down by subpar dental work in the past? At La Mesa Village Dental, we specialize in 100% custom fillings, which mean that we'll take the time to create one-of-a-kind fillings that will last for years and restore your life back to normal.

A mix of comfort and quality

  • Preserve original tooth structure

  • Real-tooth look and feel

  • Pain reduction

  • Durable

  • Regular chewing

  • Custom / comfortable fit

Durable composite fillings

At La Mesa Village Dental, we want you to have access to the finest dental care in the area - but we also want it to be affordable. That's why we offer budget-friendly and dependable solutions like composite fillings. Our friendly and professional staff has been creating smiles since 1971.


If you have suffered from tooth decay or overly aggressive cavities, we have the solution to your problem. We will individually manufacture tooth-colored composite fillings based on your specific needs and - best of all - will have you out of the office in less than two hours!

The most cost-effective restorative solution on the market

Phone fillings

Composite Fillings Preserve Your Tooth Structure After Just One Visit